Tips to Quit Smoking – A Fun Way to Stay Motivated and Focused on Kicking the Habit?

Everybody pretty much agrees that it is tough to quit smoking for good. There are all sorts of methods and smoking aids that can help you along the path to freedom from smoking but many people tend to fall by the wayside. Part of the reason that people fail is that they lose motivation and focus on what they are actually trying to achieve. So here is a tip that can help you stay motivated and focused on why you decided to quit smoking.

First of all, make sure that you know why you want to quit. Even write down the reasons on a piece of paper or in a notepad so that you can look at it and read it from time to time. This act of writing it down turns the idea into reality. Just saying to yourself “I want to quit because it’s good for my health” is no commitment and can easily be counteracted by “I need to have one cigarette because I’m feeling a little stressed right now”.

Then make a decision to have the equivalent of the swear jar for smoking. The swear jar is where people trying to stop cursing will have to put some money into a jar each time they issue an expletive. The money could go to a charity or buying some soap to wash your mouth out with. The negative connotation of paying every time you swear is a negative reinforcement of the wrong you are doing. It keeps it more fun and turns the idea of changing a bad behavior into a game. Generally people announce that they are doing this to other people so that they can be accountable.

In the case of quitting smoking try to make the penance a bit more fun. Think of punishments that will negatively reinforce the fact that you are smoking but also raise a little banter and fun with the people around you.

If you are a sports fan, one thing that might work is every time you smoke you have to wear the football/baseball/basketball shirt of your bitterest rivals for the rest of the day or for a couple of hours. People can rib you about wearing the shirt and you can explain why you are doing it. This will give you more motivation and help you stay focused. You can think of any sort of fun punishment really. Be creative and think about smoking less.

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9 Tips For Avoiding Smoking After You’ve Quit

When you quit smoking there are often many distractions that might cause you to start again. Get my 9 tips for avoiding smoking in this article.

When you quit using willpower then it is so easy to start again if you are in the wrong situations. Usually, it is caused by a distraction of some sort, like a friend offering you a cigarette. Here are some tried and tested ways to make sure that you avoid smoking after giving up.

1. Tell your smoker friends never to offer you any cigarettes, not even as a joke.

2. Try to stay away from pubs and bars for the first week after quitting.

3. Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your house, tell them they must go outside.

4. Throw out all the ashtrays and cigarettes you own.

5. Don’t hang outside buildings where you used to smoke with smoker friends. You might be tempted to start again.

6. Don’t visit the store where you used to buy most of your cigarettes. If you go there and buy other stuff, you might be tempted to ask for cigarettes.

7. Try to do some exercise. During exercise, you won’t be thinking of cigarettes and afterwards your body will be tired and just want rest, not cigarettes.

8. Any time you feel tempted to have a cigarette, say to yourself “no going back” and remember how the average smoker loses 15 years of his/her life to cigarettes.

9. Say to yourself every morning in the mirror “I am so happy to be a non-smoker”. Smile and really mean it when you say it.

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Tips For Quitting Smoking From the Experts

There are many ways that smokers can quit smoking and never go back, but first one must commit to quitting. A firm commitment is the key to success. There are a few easy steps that can help you quit for good. These tips are approved and even recommended by doctors and medical professionals. There are many natural methods for quitting that do not involve willpower alone or dangerous pharmaceuticals. One of these methods is called neuro-linguistic-programming. This new method may work for you.

It is said that the first three days of quitting are the most difficult and as a former smoker I can agree with that. It helps to stay bust and drink plenty of water. Avoiding caffeine or other unnecessary chemicals can help as well. Three days of feeling a little off and fighting cravings is more than worth it for all of the health benefits that will be gained through quitting smoking. You can quit and stay off cigarettes for good.

There are many great reasons to start quitting today. Quitting can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke and can also reduce your risk of cancer and breathing problems like COPD. Just minutes after your last cigarette you are already getting healthier. Quitting immediately pays off! Just getting through that first three days is the key.

It is important to have support while quitting smoking. There may be hard times when dealing with cravings because cravings can be both physical and mental. Having someone to talk to and give support is an integral part of quitting and staying off cigarettes. Find someone you can trust and ask them to be your support during the process.

New methods like nuero-linguistic programming can help with getting through the initial phase of quitting without the discomfort most people face. This can be the first step in being healthier, smelling better, and avoiding standing outside in the cold and the rain and snow just to have a smoke. Quitting is the first step toward a better life. You can quit today. Do your research and find the method right for you. Start a better life today.

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